Microsoft Authenticator Changes

Microsoft is in the process of rolling out a change to it’s Authenticator mobile app. They are adding Number Matching to help improve the protection of your Microsoft 365 account.

The way this works is, when you attempt to login to an Microsoft App from a personal device it will display a number on your screen, you will then be prompted by the Microsoft Authenticator app to enter the secure code to confirm the login attempt.

Please note for Corbel managed clients you will only be prompted for MFA when you are trying to login from a device that is not a “managed device” i.e. a personal mobile or pesonal ipad.

The change is inline with a change within the industry and is a precursor to moving to passwordless authentication. A method the industry is slowly working towards adopting.

  • Microsoft did plan to implement number matching for all Authenticator users in February 2023, but rescheduled the deployment date to May 8, 2023 so this will start rolling out soon.
  • The changes will roll out automatically without any intervention required on your behalf.

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